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I do a lil of everything...because I get into way too many things. My avatar Dio tends to hang out w/ game characters cuz she's a crazy shota nut. You're welcome to stay awhile but don't move my furniture. ^^

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I'm not picky. I'm easy to please.

Like yo' momma. ^^


2015 Advent Calendar Day 24 WIP by DioMaxwelle
2015 Advent Calendar Day 24 WIP
Day 24: The Wonderland of the Mind ROUGH

This one was a tough one to map out and then put everyone in.  @_@  I'm just under 30 different individual series, from mainline series to their spin offs (like Creepy & Crawly, which has about 5 spin-offs or sister series running concurrent to it), adding only one this year, which I'm tentatively calling Forest Life, which is represented by Ichi, whom has appeared once on the Mellow-MACHine album Chiaroscuro.  

Believe me…it was a challenge to not only put each representative in, but this year, being the idiot I was, wanted even paired representatives to appear together, so Bass and Treble (E.Q.) appear together, as well as Jessica and Toby (Creepy & Crawly: Next), the Senior Winchester Twins (Distance: Golden 7), California and Ohio (The Union), Anni and Kawaii, Vicci & Kymi and even Milo and Doll (Milo's Room), so there's well over 30 characters packed into my little head, which makes it an accurate representation of the universes I juggle every day.  It probably will take over an hour to ink and color, but then, the last pictures are always a character heavy day (which is why they're called All-Characters).

All series and characters belong to me.
2015 Advent Calendar Day 23 by DioMaxwelle
2015 Advent Calendar Day 23
Day 23: Give Me the Flu

This year's Funpack from Dinosaur Dracula included an awesome "Salacious Crumb in a jar" among other neato things, like instant snow (or polyacrylate, which I use at work).  The days of the XE calendar are long gone, so I dedicate the 23rd to doing a pic about something that strikes me from the site or the Funpack, something that resonates with me.  

This year he had a short story--on festive green paper--about being down with the flu on christmas.  Now as someone who routinely gets sick every year in december, I can relate.  Never on Christmas but this year was close. @_@  But the thought of that freedom from the actual stress and the frenzy of holiday itself was also profound to me.  Freedom from everything just to be wrapped in your own world, however feverish it is, is attractive, I admit.  Its why I keep coming back to DD so much no matter what.  I think I relate to the littlest, sometimes even inconsequential things Matt sometimes talks about on the site.  Its honest.  Its simple.  And its genuine.  

Merry Christmas Matt.  Hope you got the freedom this year, even a little, but without the fever dreams.

Dinosaur Dracula belongs to Matt.
2015 Advent Calendar Day 22 by DioMaxwelle
2015 Advent Calendar Day 22
Day 22: Twin Wishes

I decided to do a pic that used a coloring style I've used a few times, though lately I last used it on an E.Q. piece in Bass and Treble's image colors.  I picked some image colors for the twins in Creepy and Crawly: Next, Toby and Jessica.  They came out rather nice, though warmer than the actual piece (the green is a little more emerald).

Since my construction paper is smaller than my sketchbook, I framed the pic with camera themed washi tape, which is a nod to their mother, Mei.  I'm not sure the image colors will stick but its a nice warmer palette for a christmas image than the usual colors.

Toby and Jessica Bitner-Marcus-Asakawa and Creepy & Crawly: Next belong to me and Decon.
2015 Advent Calendar Day 21 by DioMaxwelle
2015 Advent Calendar Day 21
Day 21: Happy Birthday, Kristen!

So this year, i asked my sister what she wanted for her birthday picture and she said "christmas and cats.  or Pink Floyd lol".  So I decided to try to combine two of those into one and came up with this awesome image.  XD
Its based off of The Division Bell's cover which was a photo of 2 metal heads pointing at one another to make a 3rd head.  I did the same only with giant metal cats, which makes an amusing image.  The real ones in the photo are actually in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Original image property of Pink Floyd.  
2014 Advent Calendar Day 21 by DioMaxwelle
2014 Advent Calendar Day 21
For some reason, last year's was never uploaded. @_@  This time I drew my sister as Sailor Moon for her birthday pic.  Our cat Tinkerbell as Luna was a cute touch.
Not in the locational sense, but obviously, I've moved on from here.  I've had some decent times on DA, but I haven't been able to keep up with all the changes, and frankly, the interface is seriously trumped elsewhere for my needs and uses.

That said, I'm not really closing my account.  There is WAY too much on here to just cut loose, but this place is more like a ghost town when it comes to actual presence.  I will continually post the Christmas Advent Calendar Challenge here, since its a good place to get it out and its tradition, but the newest art for newest projects will be elsewhere, like my tumblr.

To that end, if you wanna see what I (and even some of my good pals from here) are up to on collabs and the like, please mosey over to:
my tumblr, Humans can Drive Stick:…
our website, Random Lunacy:…
and my lomohome, where I post my analogue photography:…

Thanks for the memories, DA.  See you in December.  Everyone take care!
  • Listening to: Christmas music
  • Reading: Isaac Asimov's Robot novels
  • Watching: MST3K (when am i NOT), Sailor Moon
  • Playing: Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Nintendogs + cats


I like it VERY MUCH
United States
Dio is a crazy nut whom is rumored to have created her name from the late legendary rocker Ronnie James Dio and Maxwell House Coffee. Her avatar has 2 younger sisters, she has an obvious shota/lolita complex, her attention span is such that a good portion of her work is pencil sketches, CUTE is her natural medium (for better or for worse), music is one of her greatest pleasures next to sleep and video games, drawing is her lifeblood but she remains a jack of all trades and master of none.

Sit a spell. Don't eat the candy.

Current Residence: anywhere but here
Favourite genre of music: anything on my computer
Favourite photographer: Miku Hinasaki, and that dude from Earthbound (I wanna drop outta the sky randomly)
Favourite style of art: honest work, w/o pretensions
Operating System: the ones that don't crash on me
MP3 player of choice: laptop
Shell of choice: the gas station
Wallpaper of choice: anything pretty
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Daffy Duck
Personal Quote: Canonization is for losers

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